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Specialty genres

Pineapple Production Company works primarily with Jazz, Blues, Country, and Acoustic artists. As a musicians who has over 10 years of experience playing and recording these genres, I can guarantee your recording will sound authentic and amazing.





Tracking is a critical step in the music production process. My job is to capture your expertly written music and through the use of professional equipment and skillful recording techniques, transform your song into a professional multi-track recording.



Mixing is an intimate process that I tailor specifically for you and your sound. I focus on getting to know you and your music in order to make sure your recording is the best sonic representation of your personality and songs. Whether you record those tracks with me, with someone else, or even at home; I'll help to create your very own sonic masterpiece.  


Live & Remote Recording

Pineapple is fully equipped and ready to come record you OUTSIDE the studio! Whether it be at a gig or in your living room, I have the capability to record each instrument and vocal independently on location, giving us the ability to do a professional mix back at the studio from tracks we record on location.


My Work

Below is a collection of songs I have either written, arranged, produced, played on, engineered or some combination of all five. All tracks below were mixed by me at my studio.  Request a Quote to get your next project started!


Like what you hear? If you want your music to sound as good as these samples, request a quote now!

Don’t take my word for it…

“It was amazing to work with Mike. He had all of the professional quality tools to capture the raw sound of my music. The recording process took less than an hour and I am so happy with the results. Mike is easy to work with and I highly recommend recording in his studio.”

• Christina Praetzel •

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“Mike is a consummate professional. I hired Mike to work sound for my recital in May, and he was beyond easy to work with. Mike came ready to go way before the show started with the most professional of equipment and time management skills. He even sent a final copy of the sound that he recorded that night and it sounds unbelievably professional. I highly recommend hiring Mike for any of your sound needs as you will not be disappointed with his quality work!”

• Jacob Moore •

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Like what you hear? If you want your music to sound as good as these samples, request a quote now!


About Mike

(Ha, get it?)


About Mike Schirch


Mike Schirch is an award-winning keyboardist, producer and audio engineer based in Cleveland Ohio. With over 10 years of experience both playing music and producing professionally, Mike is 'the guy' for your next project. Mike has played in bands in all genres including blues, country, indie rock, and most notably his jazz trio Blu Monsoon. Two of Mike's original songs performed by Blu Monsoon are being played frequently on commercial radio, with one of them charting at #1 on the station's "Top Hits" list. Both songs were recorded, mixed, and produced by Mike himself.

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